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Welcome to VSSMind Media. Our passion is teaching people how to Visualize a goal, Strategize a plan, and Select actions that turn dreams into reality.

About Us

About Us

VSSMind: Our Values are Our Mission

Our mission at VSSMind is simple: to share what we know about overcoming obstacles and achieving visions with as many people as possible. We do that through affordable multimedia classrooms delivered via the Internet. We want everyone in the world to be able to solve problems, conquer hardship, build relationships, and make their visions real - just like we do in our company and our lives.

The VSSMind culture and management revolves around our Core Values (a key concept we teach, by the way). These Values govern every decision we make and are how we approach all that we do:


1. Focus on solutions, not problems.
2. Practice everything we teach and preach.
3. Balance work, life, relationships and spirit.
4. Make everything you do fun.
5. Give more than you take.


Those values say everything about the people in our company and the courses we create. They simplify our lives and make us a better company as well as better people. We hope they inspire you to think about YOUR Core Values.